About The Program

The Workplace Wellness Program offers weekly or bi-weekly weigh-ins and body-fat analysis for all participants; weekly nutrition, exercise, motivation delivered directly to each participants email address; weekly or bi-weekly in person or live-stream presentations from the Sculpt Health and Wellness team of experts; BALANCED nutrition and lifestyle guidance; private online group and company email for direct communication; a team of EXPERTS to guide each individual to success and more
About The Program


The Sculpt program was pitched to Emmerson Packaging (EP), and ultimately selected by EP for its unique ability to offer potential health and well-being benefits to a wide range of employee needs.  Of particular importance to EP was the desire to offer something that would attract employees from our production departments that work rotating shifts and not simply attract a select group of already physically fit employees.  In the past, typical weight management programs had not been adopted when offered.  The Sculpt 16 week program was offered as a 50/50 cost share. 

We experienced a wide range of program element adoption by our employees (approx. 20% of employee base) which resulted in very positive outcomes for many and considerable benefits in food nutrition knowledge for all.   The vast majority of participants desiring weight loss were successful and most easily achieved 15-20 lbs lost over the 16 week program.  A smaller group of employees were looking for benefits to support specific personal desires for sporting events or to break previous personal bests; they were all very satisfied with both the direction given and results achieved.

At the conclusion of the 16 week basic program almost 50% of the original group proceeded to sign up for another 20 week maintenance program as it became quite apparent that the accountability the program offered was an essential component of their success.  Overall, I would recommend the program to any company trying to elevate the health of their employees and improve health and wellness culture.

Todd Levy,  P.Eng. | Engineering Manager

Emmerson Packaging | A member of the P.G. Emmerson Group of companies